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02/27, 2021

アンニカ ガレージキット 販売開始!Garage kit "1/8 Annika"


11/27, 2020

ジラフとアンニカ Original Sound Track Complete Edition 2020年11月27日発売 !

atelier mimina(アトリエミミナ)はNintendo Switch、PS4、XboxOne、Steam用ソフト『ジラフとアンニカ』の全楽曲を収録したアルバム『ジラフとアンニカ Original Sound Track Complete Edition』を本日2020年11月27日に発売しました。

11/18, 2020


UNREAL FEST EXTREME'20 WINTERに『個人製作インディーゲーム”ジラフとアンニカ” のUE4 制作事例紹介』で登壇しました!Youtubeにて講演ががご覧になれます



Join the cat-eared heroine Annika on her adventures in the mysterious island of Spica!
Tasked by the young boy Giraffe, she sets off to find pieces of the stars.
Solve the islands hidden mysteries!


nnika awoke from a strange dream to find herself stranded on the mysterious "Spica Island"!

Upon exploring, she meets a boy named Giraffe, who seems to know her yet she can't remember him at all.
Giraffe tasks Annika with finding three special star fragments on the island - Only then will she be able to unravel the mystery!

While searching for the fragments, Annika meets Lily, the Witch of the Mysterious Forest!
After winning a battle with Lily, Annika uncovers the star fragments and absorbs it into herself.
What strange visions will the star fragment grant her?

Help Annika as she explores the island in search of the star fragments and her lost memories!
What awaits our feline adventurer on this island of secrets?!


Adventure! Explore the mysterious Island of Spica!
Uncover hidden secrets on the island!

Rhythm! Defeat bosses with the beat!
Synchronize your attacks to the music to overcome challenges!

Comic! See the world of Giraffe & Annika brought to life in beautiful, manga-inspired style!

Dungeons! Challenge five unique dungeons on the island to recover the star fragments and help recover Annika's memories!

Collectibles! Find cute cat collectibles hidden all over the island!
Expand your gallery and unlock prizes!



Annika has lost her memory...
But even with such hardship before her the carefree and gentle Anika, along with her little bluebird companion Pipi, go on the adventure of a lifetime in order to discover herself!


A strange denizen of the island, Giraffe has given Annika her quest to find the missing star fragments.
Though he makes a lot of demands, he seems gentle and calm.
And perhaps he knows more about the island than he's told Annika...


A wily witch that loves to cause trouble for Annika on her quest!
She's bossy and loud, but that's what people love about her!
She seems to be related to Annika's past, somehow...



Special Support Illustration

Manga artist and illustrator
Kunihiko Tanaka has designed this
poster for the release of the physical version!
Check out Annika at her most majestic
in this dance scene!

Kunihiko Tanaka Twitter

Born 1970 in Kanagawa. Became a freelance illustrator after retirement.
His works include Ruin Explorers, Ichigeki Sacchu!! HoiHoi-san, Key the Metal Idol (Anime character drafts) and Xenogears (Character design) among others.



Minori Konoka

Official Ambassadors of Giraffe and Annica

Belongs to the singing group "Tensen". She sings anime songs, idols, Showa songs, etc. at SHOW ROOM. We have many popular projects such as cosplay, babble, and request delivery! She also loves cat ear cosplay and is a popular lifer singer.



MusicGame Sound design

Asamiya Kobo

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Prototype QA


Original Work, Director & Program Character Design

Atsushi Saito

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  • pixiv_logo

Game Developer/Designer/Illustrations/Manga Creation

After working for two decades as a designer at a game company, he went independent in May 2018, founding atelier mimina and creating the indie game "Giraffe and Annika".

Other than making games using UE4 Blueprint, he specializes in art direction, background design and UI design. He is a generalist type that is able to do many things, such as 3D modeling and videography. His work has won UnRealDevGrants and the TGS 2017 Dengeki Grand Prize Indie Category.

Other than game development, he is involved in manga and figure creation under the pseudonym "Paper Palette". An article about the making of a figure he created, Mint Miku, was included in CGWORLD 2015 April edition vol.200.

  • Music Battle Action Games "GitarooMan (PS2)" and "GitarooMan Live! (PSP)" (koei)
    Character Modeling/Background Modeling/Camera  Authoring

  • Osu! Tatakae! Ouendan (2005/Nintendo DS) Nintendo/iNiS Animation Director & Illustration

  • Elite Beat Agent (2006/Nintendo DS) Nintendo/iNiS Illustration

  • Moero! Nekketsu Rhythm Damashii Osu! Tatakae! Ouendan 2 (2007/Nintendo DS) Nintendo/iNiS Illustration


TOMZUIN H (Tomohiro Harada)

Composer, keyboard player and Environmental Sound Architect

onica Instruments representation, and music environment and design provision, Solasoredo representation.

A sound artist who creates and organizes music in a wide range of genres, from electronic music, acoustic music to environmental sound design, and even instrument development.

He has released two solo albums under the Tomzuin H name: "bird people" and "ring".

He has collaborated on many occasion with various artists and media, involved in producing work, arranging, providing music and so on.

Music Battle Action Games "GitarooMan (PS2)" and "GitarooMan Live! (PSP)" (koei)
Sound Production

He established Sonica Inc. in 2001. While leading Sonica Instruments, the world's top manufacturer of Japanese musical instrument software, 
he founded Sorasoledo in 2013 for the purpose of Environmental Sound Design.

In addition to sound design for both public and commercial spaces, he continues to challenge the big themes of music to society, for example by promoting and developing sound design proposals for people with disabilities.

3D Environment Artist


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Costume design

Shoko Kurokawa

art / design


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Rabbit Family and Hillfred 

Character design


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3D character modelingAssistance


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robot design

Kou Inaba

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2D graphics


Sound Designer

Satoshi Tani

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Choreography / motion actor

tomo mizukoshi

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​3D modeling

Mono studio

Motion design

Fumie Anno


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